Ode To Benny Hill

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bill-swift - January 23, 2013

Today would have been Benny Hill's 89th birthday and we here at Egotastic! thought we'd pay tribute to a man after our own heart. When I was a kid they used to play old episodes of Benny Hill on the local PBS station at 10pm. Perhaps it was bad parenting on my mom's part, but they used to let me stay up and watch the show, (personally, I think it's awesome parenting). Benny was a British comic genius that rose to stardom in the 70's with his hilarious show. He did skits in which he played outrageous characters and very ugly drag. But the most famous part of the show is when he would be chased, (or chase), a bevy of scantily clad women and pat old men on their bald heads. Comedy + hot ladies = things we love. So, happy birthday Benny. I hope you finally caught up to ladies in bikinis up in old perv heaven.

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