Octomom ‘Uncovered’ Provides All the Naughty Octomom You Can Handle Online

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bill-swift - June 21, 2012

UPDATED TO ADD:Holy octuplets! This Octomom wanton mama movie is becoming quite the phenomenon. Who knew? But everybody wants to see the world's raunchiest mom of fourteen using her parts for tingling pleasure.

Well, this is the digital age. I mean, the past DVD digital age where I'm told some people are even consuming their adult entertainment fare, as adults will do, purely online and in hi-def streams.

So, for the convergence of technology and gynecology, you can now get an early view of the best of scenes of Octomom's new adult film online through Wicked.com

All I can say from viewing it is that if you want to see Nadya Suleman being a very naughty Octomom, you will get every penny's worth of your purchase.

Octomom Uncovered available exclusively on Wicked.com

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