Now You Can Shout Like Nicolas Cage

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michael-garcia - September 13, 2016

No one screams like Nicolas Cage can. The man has made an entire career out of screaming and acting like a manic weirdo. Even though he comes from the very talented Coppola family, Nic is in a category all by himself. Even when he was good in a movie like Moonstruck, Leaving Las Vegas, or Raising Arizona he's still WAY over the top. Can you yell like Nicolas Cage? Do you think you can match him in his bravado? Well, now you can test your skills with the The Nic Cage Rage Page. You simply scream into your phone, computer, or iPad and it matches it with a Cage performance. Are you Face/Off level loud? Or maybe "Not the bees!" from The Wicker Man?

I think this is an idea that's time is come. I think we should all try and be a little more Cageian.  

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