Now This is a Real Button Spy Camera

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bill-swift - January 23, 2013

Feel like snapping a few pictures but don't want to come off as some creeper? Then do what James Bond did and do it on the sly. There are tons of spy cameras available that let you shoot images discretely. Perhaps the most discrete of these is the button spy camera, which easily blends into whatever you're wearing, provided it's a dark shirt with matching dark (but preferably black) buttons.

It works simply, really. Just stick the button camera behind your shirt, stick it through one of your button holes, and start recording. This tiny device can shoot 1280x1024 images and record 480-pixel video. The camera comes with 4GB of memory, so you can snap away to your heart's content without having to worry about storage.

You won't be able to take a picture of the hot blonde across the room, but for the covertness it provides you with, it will have to do.

Get It: $37

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