Norway’s Safe Sex Ads Are Weird

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bill-swift - July 1, 2015

Europeans have a different sensibility than us about certain things. One is their ridiculous love of yogurt and the other is their attitudes towards sex. Have you ever watched TV in Europe? They'll have full frontal nudity before children's cartoons. They say it's that we are repressed and puritanical. Maybe so. For example, we don't even really do safe sex ads on TV anymore. We did, for a while in the 90's, but then some moms got upset that their precious little snowflake was finding out about doing it. But it's safe to say that if we did have sex ed ads on TV they wouldn't be like this one from Norway.

Imagine a dude in a giant penis costume going around shooting torrents of confetti out of his blowhole. I guess it's supposed to simulate semen. Although, if your sperm looks all shiny and glittery, you should probably go to the doctor. 

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