North Korea Tours: Are You On Vacation Or Do You Want to Die?

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bill-swift - July 5, 2013

Want to go on a vacation? Don't go to North Korea. Want to go on a fishing trip? Avoid North Korea. Want to see the sights, maybe have an adventure overseas? Skip North Korea. Common sense would tell you this and various headlines on the news would remind you to avoid the troubled nation at all costs.

However, the intrepid guides behind Young Pioneer Tours have something else on their minds, and they want to take you into the thick of things in one of their DPRK tours.

To be honest, I thought it was all some huge joke at first, but then I realized these guys were serious. They've got some impressive itineraries worked out on their website, along with fees (they seem reasonable) and schedules of their tours for the year.

Apparently, there are tons of places to visit and things to do in the great old DPRK...and if you do go for it, hopefully you'll make it out alive.

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