Nope, You Can’t Kill Anyone in ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’

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chris-littlechild - June 25, 2015

Our ol' buddy Bruce has never been a 'hero' in the stricter sense of the word. He'll always chase down muggers to get his grandma's purse back, sure, or volunteer in soup kitchens or something, but he's darker than that. Why do they call him the Dark Knight? Because he's secretly a bit of an asshole, that's why.

That dude he dropped off a building at tibia-shattering-but-not-killing height in the movie, so he'd tell him what he needed to know? That was pretty uncool, right there.

Vigilante, that's the word. It means that sometimes, justice needs a little extra push, and asses need to be kicked. As long as they're, y'know, bad guy asses. It's kind of a gray area, but it works for the Batman. But deadly force? That's still out of bounds. This guy may dick about in a kinda camp suit with man-nipples on the front (in George Clooney's case), but he's still got an image to maintain.

In Batman: Arkham Knight terms, that translates to no killing civilians. Ever. Even now, when you've got free reign to barrel around in the Batmobile and run over all the civilians you like, they can't die. As Kotaku reports, Rocksteady have previously stated that 'Batman's no-kill policy was "non-negotiable, whether he's driving or not."' But as their assortment of GIFS shows, these people are being knocked down Grand Theft Auto style. It's pretty damn funny.

Hit the link to see homing missiles simply glitch off course in their desperation not to harm non-bad guys. 

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