Noemi Kovacs Panties Around the House

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aldo-vallon - August 28, 2017

 What kind of world do I want to live in? One where it does not take half a gallery of photos to get a girl's top off. When are fashion designers going to start making sweaters that are easier to take off? I have seen dogs have an easier time of escaping from under a blanket than I have from getting a sweater off from around my head. Those things are like a Chinese finger trap for the entire upper body. That is why I made the change years ago to only wearing cardigans. No more would I have to expose myself to a sneak attack by an enemy while I had a sweater over my head. but does my grandma listen? Of course not. Every year I get another sweater that is not a cardigan. I am beginning to believe she is doing it on purpose because she wants me to be attacked. But the joke is on her, she is not included in my will.Suck it, grams, my money is going to the hardworking women of The Landing Strip. That is where it all went while I was alive, I figure that is where it should go when I die. 


Photo Credit: Gabor Lenart