Nobody Likes a Litterbug–Especially Trash Cans (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - October 14, 2012

In Star Wars, the empire strikes back. But in the real world where litterbugs are a dime a dozen, it's the trash cans that strike back, and they strike back real hard. It doesn't sound very appealing to get jumped on by a huge, foamy garbage bin, but hey, it drives a point across and it definitely sends a message.

This won't be the first time you'll see a trash can move by itself (remember this reprogrammed trash can right here?), but instead of being amazed, you'll probably laugh. But while you do, hopefully you'll realize the gravity of the situation and stop littering. Before it's too late. Seriously. Because we hate litterers.

Geeks will appreciate this video for its sheer geekiness, environmentalists will laud it for its squeaky message, goofballs will love it for its humors, and litterbugs will hate it for obvious reasons.

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