No, This Doesn’t Make You a Total Loser: How To Fake Playing The Piano (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - July 30, 2013

We're kidding, it totally does. You might feel like a fool at first, but eventually, you'll realize that it's all worth it. I mean, chicks dig dudes who can play musical instruments, right? The piano or keyboard is definitely ranks high on that list.

Learning to play the correct and traditional way is boring and takes way more time than you probably have right now. So follow this guy's advice and you'll be playing the piano in no time.

The secret is all in the positioning: just pick a black key (Sam, the guy from the video, explains it makes you look 'smarter', so who are we to argue?), position your hand so you'll be pressing two keys at a time, and repeat. Do the same with your right hand, and you're good to go.

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