No Punishment for Danica Patrick (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - May 9, 2012

In a way it is understandable that people who essentially live in these 3400 pound speed machines would think,"Hey, this guy made me mad. I'm going to go hit him with my car while driving at speeds in excess of 160 MPH while carrying some really explosive fuel in my gas tank."

It's also absolutely nuts.

Apparently that's what Danica Patrick was thinking on Saturday when she thought that Sam Hornish Jr. had tried to squeeze her into the wall at the end of the Nationwide race at Talladega. You can see in the video where he (the yellow No 12 car) appears to do just that. Danica retaliated by hitting his bumper causing him to wreck.

Hornish said that he had a tire go flat and that he did nothing on purpose. After watching the video Danica could see that he was telling the truth and apologized to her long-time friend and his car owner, Roger Penske.

While such acts would dictate an immediate and harsh punishment for some drivers (you know who you are Busch boys), since neither has a history of acting out in such a manner NASCAR has said that there will be no punishment levied at this time.

So don't do it again Danica.

Article by Travis Pulver