J.J. Abrams Says No Post-Credits Scenes In ‘The Force Awakens’

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bill-swift - December 9, 2015

Given that Disney is turning the Star Wars franchise into a Marvel-style cinematic universe, a lot of people have been wondering recently that J.J. Abrams' upcoming Force Awakens would feature some sort of mid- or post-credits scene setting up one future instalment or another. 

In fact, judging by Twitter, you'd think a post-credits scene at the end of Star Wars 7 was a foregone conclusion.

Would a post-credits scene in The Force Awakens be a good thing or a bad thing? I'll plead the fifth on that one. What I do know is that it's not going to happen. At least according to Abrams. 

The director was recently asked if there's any kind of post-credits scene or easter egg in Force Awakens, and he said flat out, "No, there's not." 

Could J.J. be lying? Seeing as how he recently admitted that lying about Khan being in Star Trek: Into Darkness was a big mistake, it seems unlikely that he'd go and lie about this less than two weeks before the film finally hits theaters. 

But sure, he could be lying. What do I know? (Nothing.)


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