No Need to Slice or Slurp: Pizza and Spaghetti Slushies

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bill-swift - June 13, 2013

Pizza and spaghetti slushies have got to be two of the most disgusting snacks drinks ever--if they actually existed, that is.

Images of slushie machines that are found Canadian convenience store chain Couche-Tard recently went viral because of their very unusual flavors. The signs read "Pizza" and "Spaghetti," and you can either sip from an all-pizza or all-spaghetti cup, depending on your preferences.

Or you could mix both slushies and get a truly unique gastronomic experience. If you're into pizza and spaghetti slushie mixes.

This isn't the case, though, as Redditors who actually had a chance to sample the strange flavors revealed that the slushies aren't really flavored as they were labeled. Instead, the pizza slush is said to taste like strawberry, while the spaghetti slush tasted like lemon.

Now isn't that misleading.

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