No More Heroes’ Beam Katana and the Top 7 Greatest Blades in Gaming (PHOTOS)

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bill-swift - July 17, 2012

Being that last week we took a close and private look into the world of facial hair, pretty much any topic would be a complete 180. After thinking about it for a while, I discovered that a suiting opposite for last week's article was so simple, it hadn't even occurred to me. This week's article is a bit dangerous...watch for sharp objects!

Technology is advancing at such a dramatic rate nowadays that things of the past are being forgotten. Men fight wars with advanced guns and robotic drones. Sure, it's a safer way to do things but it requires less skill than the warriors of yesterday. These warriors took to the field with swords and shield and actually saw who they were fighting, face to face. Swords have a certain elegance to them that we no longer see. Now we push a button and an entire group of enemies fall...it's sort of lame. In honor of the way things used to be, we're taking a look at 'No More Heroes' Beam Katana and the Top 7 Greatest Blades in Gaming'.

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