Niykee Heaton Asstastic Round Up

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bill-swift - January 9, 2016

Niykee Heaton is a young singer-songwriter, and more importantly, has one impeccable thumper she'd really like you to notice. The local girl at the coffee house can sing. But can she make ten million feel like making babies by posting social media selfies of her asstastic? See what I did there? 

Niykee is a prolific promoter of her own outstanding derriere. As she should be. Gone are the days when a hit record alone means success. You need staying power. Or, we need staying power while ogling your epic body. Both work. It's the payola of 2016 and it comes in cheek form. Consider me a monster fan of your music, Niykee, and I haven't even heard it yet. This is working perfectly. Why do my hands keep making the squeezing motion? Oh, Niykee, you're so fine. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram