Nintendo DS Lite Cases That You’ll Want to Have for Dessert

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bill-swift - October 9, 2012

Nintendo's 3DS isn't doing so hot, even with the XL version of it. But I can't really say the same for the Nintendo DS Lite. It's one of the few gaming consoles that was just the right weight and size (at least for me). The other cool thing? It's more acceptable to wrap them up in bulky but rad-looking cases like these because they're much more compact.

So that sort of defeats the purpose of their slimmer design, but your handheld console will look amazing at least. These realistic-than-though renditions will protest your DS Lite while making it look like a piece of mouthwatering ice cream cake. Personally, I prefer the strawberry version but the mint one isn't so bad either.

These creative cases are the handiwork of The Kawaii Official and retail for $12.75 each.

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