Nintendo 2DS: A Flat-Shaped Version of the 3DS, Minus One Dimension

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bill-swift - September 12, 2013

It looks like Nintendo went backwards with their latest but not-so-novel release: the Nintendo 2DS. You might remember that its predecessor, the 3DS, caused quite a buzz when it was first released, since it boasted of 3D handheld gaming, which had never been done before.

Two years later, we now see why nobody ever attempted to do it because it was a huge stinking flop. Gamers didn't like it and Nintendo knows it, which is why they took back the 3D and released the 2DS. Aside from taking away one dimension, they've also changed the clamshell form factor into something that's more stiff and slate-like.

Yep, that's right: the Nintendo 2DS doesn't fold in half anymore like all of its predecessors. That's a huge negative for portability, since it takes on a similar form to that of a tablet.

The good news? It's a lot like the 3DS on the inside (again, just minus the 3D) which means the entire 3DS games catalog is playable and good to go the moment you get the system in your hands. The big question is: do you even want it?

Check It Out: $129.99

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