Ninel Conde La Mas Sexual Telenovela Thespianic in H Magazine

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bill-swift - March 6, 2013

Shit, my Spanish still sucks, but not my unbridled lust for South of the Border soap opera vixen, Ninel Conde, who once more graces the pages of H magazine in barely any clothing.

We actually first fell for Ninel in her appearance on the U.S. program, Ugly Betty, but our heads went over our heels when we started leering at Ninel on her various Latin dramas, high heeled hotness, bitch slapping los doctores y los abogados on the telenovelas we watch from the comfort of the La-Z-Boy recliner parked right in front of the TV hooked up to the 22-foot satellite dish discreetly hidden on the rooftop of our offices.

Ay, Ninel, I want to take you to a remote tropical island where the screams of our passionate coupling will frighten the colorful local birds from the trees. Okay, so maybe it'll mostly be my screams, but you'll be the inspiration. Disfruta.

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