Nina Dobrev Has To Eat Every Two Hours Or She’ll Die

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Sam Robeson - December 18, 2018


One of my favorite movies of all time is Lost in Translation, and one of my favorite interactions is between Anna Faris' character Kelly (actually based on Cameron Diaz) and Giavana Ribisi's character John (actually based on Spike Jonze):

Kelly: Everybody is always, like, 'Kelly, you are anorexic.' And I'm, like, 'No, I'm not!' I eat so much junk food, you wouldn't believe it! Just because I have a high metabolism.

John: Because I thought you were anorexic too.

Kelly: Everybody does. Everybody thinks that.

John: Yeah, 'cause you look so--

Kelly: Thank you! I know, but it's-- I mean, I eat whatever. I have a really high metabolism. Yeah.

Her frantic energy when delivering the "I eat whatever!" line perfectly encapsulates the attitude that all bulimic Hollywood blowjob factories - for example, off the top of my head, Emma Stone - have towards discussing food. And the "Thank you!" It just doesn't get any fucking better.

Stars are so bombastically eager to declare that their thinness comes from anything besides extreme dieting/eating disorders. In walks Nina Dobrev, literally whoever the hell that is, who used to be so busy that she forgot to eat! Nowadays Dobrev claims that she has to eat at least every two hours, because, you guessed it, she has too high of a metabolism to function as a normal human. Via Women's Health:

These days, Nina takes in more calories than she used to; she tries to eat every two hours to keep her metabolism stable.

Dobrev added:

I feel healthier. You’re happier when your body is full, your brain functions better, and you’re a nicer person. I would get hangry, I think, because I was so busy running around that I wasn’t the best version of myself.

No wonder why women are so fucked up in the head. They think someone looks like this by eating every two hours. The bitch eats every two days. And again, I keep having this problem - who the fuck is she?


Photo Credit: Women's Health

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