Nina Agdal Pimping Spandex

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bill-swift - May 11, 2017

I love a hot model in stretch pants as much as the next guy. I love her out of those stretch pants more than the next guy I bet. Or I'd be at least fairly tough to beat.

Danish Delight Nina Agdal got down to the business of hardcore soft sweet body pimping various stretch pants and sports bras and ballet gear I can't possibly name but I know I'm hoping is super sweater and clinging to her perfect skin. Who wouldn't want to buy this stuff? It beats having to dress in real clothes and if it makes you feel like Nina Agdal, all the power to you. I could tell the different in the dark, but I'm not speaking out of school.

The blessed inventor of stretch pants deserves our praises. Certainly there's a yang to the yin and some abuses of Spandex in our society at large. But one peek at the ridiculously hot body of Nina Agdal puts everything in perspective. Tight body clinging female part revealing lycra must stay. If we are to call ourselves truly human. And horny. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Live! Clothing