Nina Agdal Revealing Bikini In Coney Island

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bill-swift - June 20, 2016

Every first weekend of summer the good people of Coney Island hold the annual Mermaid Parade along the shorefront signaling the official stare of beach season and also the return of the dudes selling the semi-decent weed to visitors. Something worth celebrating. Among other model hotties who made their way to the summer kick off party was Nina Agdal who was covering the parade for some media outlet of some dubious kind. More important to our cause, Nina took a break from her hostess duties to remind everybody why she got famous in the first place. Crazy hot bikini and lingerie poses for the camera. You never forget what got you here.

Nina's got that special hot bodied sextastic charm along with the undefinable "it" girl quality that has raised her profile to the tops of the lists for commercial visual wonderment enterprises. We like to think we discovered her, but that's akin to Columbus saying he discovered America. She was there all along. We just landed on her shores. Oh, that that was literal instead of figurative. You've got it rolling hotter than ever before, Nina. You're my Mermaid. I'm filling the tub with Evian. I go classy. Enjoy.

 Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews