Nina Agdal Oiled Up Booty Cheeks

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bill-swift - June 28, 2016

Nina Agdal officially kicked off summer at the shoreline in New York with her bikini romp through and around the annual Coney Island mermaid parade. Old school beaches and amusement centers on the East Coast are obliged to some level of shtick around the holiday season. The Coney Island parade has its mermaids. And we have our Danish Delight Nina Agdal in a bikini flashing for her brought along cameras for which I must commend the cameraman for their choice of angles.

Nina's booty in a tiny thong alone could lead the list of top attractions at any amusement park. Roller coasters are for the kids. Ogling fine European lingerie model asstastic and heavenly female form are for the grown ups for whom thrills come in soft skinned packages. Nina, I'm not sure if you aware of the parade I host in my own home to kick off the early summer. It's not very well attended, but you should see the floats. Yes, that's my float. I know, impressive. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Coney Island Photoshoot BTS