Nina Agdal Not Camera Shy for Aerie Lingerie

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bill-swift - July 19, 2013

Oh, man, the things I would like to do with Nina Agdal and a pair of bra and panties she can't find after I hide them from her. The mind swirls with possibilities.

The Danish Delight continues her romp through the promotional gigs of major lingerie companies and through the deep nooks and crannies of our libidos in this latest and greatest pictorial for Aerie Lingerie. It's almost unfair that so much pure good looking energy be gifted to but one body. But it has, the fine female form of the sextastic Nina Agdal. Predicting her rise toward the top of the charts two years ago was relatively easy looking back on it. Or, looking at her. Just so many genetic blessings. Enjoy.