Nina Agdal Lingerie Pictures So Hot They Will Melt Your Mind

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bill-swift - September 8, 2012

We continue to believe that Nina Agdal will be on the cover of tons of magazines, the highlight of world popular photoshoots, and the spankable vision in the minds of most boys 12-82 coming very soon, as it were. The ridiculously hot Danish delight continues to show why her modeling paychecks are doubling and quadrupling, in her latest mini-pictorial for Aerie Lingerie, wherein Nina just lets the body do the talking even as she's pimping little bits of clothes.

Nina's body is almost unreal, but so are the quite perverse thoughts we have about her, a love seat, and a bottle of Heinz cocktail sauce, so it all evens out. Just so wicked hot. Enjoy.