Nina Agdal Lingerie Pictures Bespeak of the Barest of Necessities

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bill-swift - January 28, 2012

I think it was me who predicted that Nina Agdal would be the Kate Upton of 2012. It's possible I read it in the Wall Street Journal or Highlights magazine, the two periodicals on my e-Reader, but I'm pretty sure i called it. We think this delight from Denmark with the unique look and quite ridiculous body is going to break big time in 2012, from local girl makes good, to big time international beauty model. You'll see, our predictions come truly nearly one-third of the time.

And let's start off a taste of Agdal in her breakout year with her photoshoot for Bare Necessities lingerie. A pimping silk and satin house with the smarts to call up Nina and say, 'Hey, want to come over and slip our thoughts into something more comfortable?'

Comfortable for her maybe, but seeing Nina Agdal in bra and panties is leaving me feeling less than comfortable, in fact, I believe my Danish is burning. Enjoy.