Nina Agdal Hot Sauvage Bikini

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bill-swift - January 26, 2017

I can't help but be melancholy when thinking back to Nina Agdal, babe in the Danish woods trying to catch a break. We were only happy to oblige, to pimp and promote this passion inducing Nordic hottie. Knowing full well that Nina would bring so much ridiculously sextasic bodied giggles to so many admirers, gentleman oglers and Sapphic leaning women alike.

In Nina's latest work, she's back to the basic of tongue-wagging bikini hotness in pushing sales for Sauvage Swimwear in some skimpy two-pieces that just so happen to fit her award winning body quite perfectly. Oh, yes, there are awards. I give them out routinely, once the children are asleep. Nina, I'm so very happy for your success and your continued desire to work in the exhibitionist pursuit that brought you to your current level of fame and fortune. Notice how I didn't mention Leonardo DiCaprio once. Lucky bastard. Enjoy.