Nina Agdal Candidly Bikini Hot Around the Office

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bill-swift - March 4, 2014

Hey, you there. No, not you, that guy next to you. Yeah, you. The guy who always says so many of these models only look wicked hot because of all the lighting and makeup and post-production and et ceteras. Which, by the way, is still a skill and a half. But the pure beauties, like Danish Delight Nina Agdal, need no fancy enhancements. Just the snap of a camera and a bikini barely containing their perfectly Mother Nature made body and off you go to happy visual land. The wonderments these candids from Nina's model management company do reveal.

Nina Agdal is a classic natural beauty and I will fight anyone under 5'7 and 150 lbs. who says otherwise. Women and children included, naturally. Enjoy.