Nina Agdal Barely Hardly Covered in Sports Illustrated 2017

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bill-swift - January 27, 2017

As far as bathing suits go, it's hard to really qualify what Nina Agdal is wearing in this pimping promo for SI Swimsuit 2017 as a swimsuit of any kind. More like string or dental floss, or in some cases, just her hands to keep her modesty and or keep SI from having to airbrush out her nipples. They are not shy with their Photoshop.

The real test of hotness comes in video format, where you can't simply clone away imperfections. From where I'm ogling, Nina has none, though I would need approximately 1,937 hours of additional detailed examination of her every nook and cranny before certifying. I'm extremely thorough. Also sweaty. It's a stellar combo. Nina, you are blessed beautiful and strikingly good looking. I bow down at your barely there bikini altar. But mostly so I can peek up what there is of your thong. Enjoy.