Nikki Leigh Bikini Pictures Present a Playmate with the Body Faptastic

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bill-swift - May 16, 2013

They don't just hand out those Playmate of the Month awards to any girl off the streets. I mean, yes, if you're super hot and have a spectacular body, you can just walk in off the streets and probably be Playmate of the Month, but those are two pretty big qualifiers. And, Nikki Leigh more than qualified last year.

Now the host of a Playboy radio show on Sirius and all around exhibitor of one killer body, Nikki Leigh took to the beaches of Santa Monica for a little not so candid candid bikini shoot, flashing all kinds of wicked good looks. Nikki is a native of Southern California, which means she has pranced across a beach twice or thrice before. And looking like she does, I imagine she strains many necks and other related body parts. Quite outstandingly hot. Enjoy.