Nikki Ferrell Bikini Pictures Hot Enough to Make You Watch The Bachelor?

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bill-swift - October 24, 2013

Yes, Nikki Ferrellis a hot model contestant on the sort of reality show, The Bachelor. No, you don't have to stoop to watching produced romantic shtick on television just to catch sight of this sextastic lean beauty.

We will bring you all of her worthy poses and preens right here. Like her lust inducing strut across the beaches of Miami where she showed off one definitely selectable booty and lean sun-baked body. Those little bikini bottoms and that tush, well, I'd probably pick her to be my fake bride on that silly show. I think they usually break up before the fake weddings, but there has to be some premarital nookie involved, right? In my mind there is a ton. Enjoy.