Nicole Scherzinger Promoted to Super Hottie Judgeship Status

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bill-swift - June 1, 2011

Well, since X-Factor U.S. edition told Cheryl Cole to take a hike because of her thick accent (I know, idiotic, right, kicking out a super hot girl because she has an accent when that's the absolute best!) Pussycatter and all around dancing leggy hottie Nicole Scherzinger suddenly finds herself bumped up to judge status, a promotion any sane boss would give a girl who looked like Nicole. Seen here leaving her Paris hotel., the boobtastic Nicole Scherzinger looks like about a billion francs worth of hotness, enough so that I will actually be turning into the show, maybe for even a glimpse of her perfectly molded derriere section. Enjoy.

(Legal Disclaimer: as far as I know from auditing a year and a half of JuCo classes, it's against the law to promote female employees simply because they are super sexy and have ridiculously amazing bodies. However, it's most definitely a good way to get some. And I'm pretty positive that stupid laws are not enforceable under the Constitution or something.)