Nicole Richie Bikini Pictures Show-Off A Winter’s Worth of Workouts

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bill-swift - April 30, 2011

Well, we've seen her working out everyday with that silly scarf wrapped around her neck as if she's some type of wayward gnome transplanted from far colder environs, but, now it's time for the big reveal of all that California winter gym time -- Nicole Richie bikini pictures, snapped all secretive and candid style and, well, not too shabby. I've never been a huge Nicole Richie fan. No, not because it's unclear whether she's ever accomplished anything outside of being raised in a wealthy celebrity family, heck, that's true of her entire hottie heiress clique, but there's also long stretches of time when she hides behind those oversized sunglasses like a mouse on her hind legs hiding from the house tabby. Still, despite all of that, all that winter gym burning paid off Nicole. You do look good. Enjoy.