Nicole Murphy Keeps It Cool In A Sexy Crop Top

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aldo-vallon - August 9, 2018

How dare Nicole wrap that shirt around her waist! What is the point in wearing booty shorts if you are just going to go on and hide the booty? She might as well be wearing sweatpants.

What is she even doing with having a long sleeved shirt during a workout? It is summertime. No one needs to worry about keeping their arms warm. I understand the merit in being prepared for any climate, but I think it is safe to assume that there are no worries about getting a chill while you are sure to be sweating.

And look at where her preparedness got her; dragging around an extra item of clothing, ruining everybody’s day. I would have rather never seen her than to see her in this condition. And since I am a spiteful little thing, instead of hiding these photos so that no other man or beast would have to experience them I chose to publish them on the internet so that as many people as possible could have their days ruined by the body of Nicole Murphy. Just look at her locking those curves away. Such a shame.


Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA / MEGA