Nicole Kidman Takes Center Stage in Impressive One Shot Fight Scene from ‘Aquaman’ (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - December 13, 2018


Based on his work on Furious 7, we know for sure that James Wan will bring to Aquaman's many action scenes a kinetic, propulsive, frantic but controlled, ultimately badass look and feel. In an interview with SlashFilm, Wan teased an action sequence in the film that was done in one long take...

"[Nicole Kidman] did it, with some help. But you talked about one shot before. That is one shot. Like if I show you guys the behind the scene of that, it is messy as heck. But it literally is we built the set with the ceiling removed. And it literally was a spider-cam that just zip around the whole room just like following the action. Following Atlanna as she just takes a person out, takes another person out. And obviously, we use visual effects to help clean a lot of things up and all that. But yeah, we did a lot of that in camera, practical stunt."

This newly released clip shows the sequence in its entirety and it's a terrific advertisement for seeing this thing on the biggest screen possible when it releases a week from tonight. This scene is pretty badass, and even though it's obvious when Kidman is a cgi creation, it's still in service of having her do positively inhuman things.

Aquaman opens one week from tonight, on December 20.