Nicole Kidman Sexy in the Water for Stellar

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aldo-vallon - August 29, 2017

 There used to be a time when I could appreciate the hilarity of throwing someone in a pool while they still had their clothes on, but those days have long since passed with this new age of smart phones. How could anyone do something so cruel when their victim could have a small fortune stashed in their pocket? Fortunately for Nicole Kidman, it does not appear she has any pockets, so I suppose this time it is safe this time as long as we exclude the prison pocket. 

One of the many myths perpetuated by Hollywood is the ease with which one can swim when they have their clothes on. I tell you, it is much harder than one might think. I would bet the morbidly obese have an easier time, at least they are buoyant. But clothes do not float, they are just dead weight. They are quite possibly the worst fashion accessory one could choose to wear in the water. Admittedly, I have never worn a dress in the water, but my gut tells me that it would not be easy. So the fact that Nicole can make it look enjoyable proves she still has some acting chops. 


Photo Credit: Stellar Magazine