Nicole Kidman Hot Cowgirl for Allure

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bill-swift - December 22, 2016

There will always be space in my heart for the veteran hot moms who continue to grace us with the alluring photos of their own hot-selves even if it must be in the ladies magazines. Those periodicals I peruse on your behalf so you need not suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune as myself. All those middle school skaters mocking me at my own doorstep. All worthwhile for the pleasurable site of Nicole Kidman as the enticing cowgirl.

Nicole Kidman may be in the later stages of her sextastic thespianic career, but the Aussie sweet and tall blonde continues to shine in this next month's Allure as the beautiful ranch hand. The woman still amazes in a tank top. That's a skill beyond acting or parenting. Far more important. Bless you for continuing on with your important work, Nicole. Your fans, me chief among them, are still ogling. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Allure magazine