Nicole Kidman Has Never Met a Top She Can’t Poke Through

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bill-swift - March 7, 2012

Nicole Kidman has nipples that could likely cut through steel and it's turning me on to no end.

The sextastic MILFY Aussie actress mom has repeatedly proven that her headlights can penetrate pretty much any material made by mere mortals, most especially when she's been exercising. Speaking way too personally, I find hard workouts (the kind I engage in twice a year to stupidly impress some girl) result in a level of bodily attachment gone-into-hiding, but not Nicole. She flares with sweat. Blood flow at full capacity, the tips of her mammaries fire forth like the Chunnel earth boring machine, daring layers of clothing to just try and contain her nips, to no avail.

Pokes away! Enjoy.