Nicole Aniston Bikini Photoshoot Crazy Hot for 138 Water

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bill-swift - September 24, 2013

I'm not sure how the promotional folks at 138 Water came across adult film star Nicole Aniston as their latest and greatest bikini clad spokesmodel for their bottled water product, but the girl does know how to work her mouth I suppose. Not to mention that ridiculously hot body. Hey, you don't just become a porn star overnight by saying 'yes' to everything, or even just screaming out the names of the saints in ecstasy. You've got to have that special something something that connects with the audience. That special 'it' factor where men say, yep, I'd like to have sex with her, but if not me, then somebody else, and I'll watch.

I wish that kind of talent could be bottled like this water, but it can't. Nicole Aniston, jeez and wow. Enjoy.