Nicola McLean Cleavetastic Trapeze Feats of Daring for the Pussycat Circus

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bill-swift - April 11, 2014

What awesome madness is this? A circus comprised of super hot girls with big ta-ta's doing tricks beneath the even bigger top? I've yet to see a single live act from the Pussycat Circus, but pencil me in for season tickets through the next century please.

Nicol McLean was rehearsing her trapeze routine in a cleavetastic bit of Spandex, showing off her massively happy mams for the sake of the circus. You don't hold anything back when you're circus folk. You leave it all out in the three rings. Let's hope Nicola doesn't leave us hanging. Get it, because.... yeah. Just ogle and eat some circus peanuts and make yourself happy. Enjoy.

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