Nicola Anne Peltz Bikinitastic Instagram Pokies

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earl-jonas - August 10, 2017

Nicola Anne Peltz is the stunningly sextastic twenty-two-year-old blonde babe who you first may have become acquainted with on the creepy television series Bates Motel. Or in Transformers: Age of Extinction if you're a fan of bad movies. Peltz has turned into one of the hottest things on Instagram these days, and on a recent yacht outing, snapped a slew of ridiculously hot bikini pics that we're still reeling over. You've yacht to see them to believe them. Nope? Nope.

While there are almost too many Instagram pics to chose from, my favorites have to be the ones that feature pokietastic action under a thin white bikini top. Peltz's blissful face is going to be me in about five minutes. Who am I kidding. Five seconds. 


Photo Credit: Instagram