Nicki Minaj’s Literally Unbelievable Cleavage Almost Popping Out During Her BET Awards Performance

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aldo-vallon - June 28, 2018

I have given up on anything of Nicki Minaj’s accidentally being revealed by her clothing. Instead, I have come to the conclusion that she is a genius in the PR department, or employs someone who is.

There is no way that a woman with her proportions can wear clothing that are as revealing as hers without there being a malfunction more often than not. I mean, I wear traditional jeans most days and I still regularly fail to have my zipper in the closed position. So if I am able to make that mistake, or rather the zipper company can make so many flawed products, then I think it is equally as plausible that Nicki would run into similar troubles if these outfits were as organic as we are led to believe.

That is why I think this is all carefully orchestrated. These costumes are made with the necessary precision to keep the right parts covered just enough, while giving us all the expectation of seeing something slip out. In my opinion that is bordering on false advertisement. So if something does not pop open soon she might be opening herself up to some legal troubles.


Photo Credit: BET Awards / Nicki Minaj / Splash News / Backgrid USA