Nicki Minaj Flashes Pasties Covered Boobs In Her New Music Video

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bill-swift - March 1, 2013

I guess you could call this a triumph of musical artistry, or just lament that popular music places a higher emphasis on show and sizzle than it does on actual musical quality, but then you'd be lamenting the cause for some of the best views we get here on Egotastic!, including the boobtastic stylings of curvaceous Nicki Minaj, current American Idol judge (if anybody is still watching that) and current holder of one epically curvy body.

Now, Nicki can't just strut around topless on camera for her youthful audience, oh, that she could, and she likely would. But for today we'll settle for the risque dreamscape of Nicki in pasties covering her healthy bosom, and performing her song.... her song... hmm, not even what what that is. Not important. Enjoy.

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