Nicki Minaj Bosoms For Instagram

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michael-garcia - July 7, 2016

Say what you want about Nicki Minaj, she knows what Instagram is for. Namely, pics of her cleavage and booty. That's the best thing about her. I can take or leave her music but her booty I'll gladly take. In these pics you see a variety of photos that Nicki took of herself in order to give her fans a closer look at her hotness. Nicki has an astounding rack, the kind of funbags you just want to bury your head in and go to sleep. Pillow, lovely flesh pillows is what they are. Because Nicki never wears an outfit unless they show a lot of boob, we get to see almost the entirety of the ta-ta. But it's Nicki's booty that I am all about. Not only is it nice and round like God intended booties to be, but she also knows how to work that butt. 

How did we live without Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter? It is so much easier to see the lovely ladies that we love to look at these days. We are truly living in a golden age of oggling hotties. 


Photo Credit: Instagram