Nicki Minaj Bikini Pictures Shared by Nicki Minaj from Down Mexico Way

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bill-swift - March 12, 2014

I don't know, when I was young and hot in some surreal dreamscape that maybe never existed, I didn't really have Instagram and Twitter to share my non-existent alligator stomach. Maybe more like a llama. But Nicki Minaj does. She looks good. And she happens to love attention, which when mixed with the single button ease of modern media sharing makes for a sweet peek at Nicki in her bikini down in Cabo San Lucas.

I'm not a particular Nicki Minaj musical fan, but I am a fanatic when it comes to her exaggerated S-curves, the likes of which she was showing off in just a bikini. We don't often see Nicki dressed down so. I really do like it. A little more undressing and I will love it. Save those for your next uploads, Nicki. Enjoy.