Nicki Minaj Big Guns a Blazing at the Marc Jacobs Fashion Show

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bill-swift - September 14, 2017

Suns out, guns out for Nicki Minaj who tore it up chesty goodness style at the Marc Jacobs show at Fashion Week. You know you were trying to get tickets to that big event. Or maybe you would have if you knew Nicki was showing up flashing her funbags for undivided attention.

Fashion Week is a massive competition for camera attention. Between the endless lines of professional runway models and the sextastic celebrities attending the events and the parties, it's like the Oscars that go on for a week. You need to make sure you get noticed, and bringing out the sweet melon treats is one sure way to get those ten thousand camera lenses pointed in your chestal direction.

It's unclear what fashion sense any of these big named celebrities actually have. But they have money and stylists and the designers all want to be associated with them so they send them lots of free revealing things to wear and invite them to their parties. Superficial never looked so alluring. We put up with fashion as a pretend pastime because we know what lay underneath those clothes. The real goodies. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Backgrid