NHL 13 Hockey IQ Trailer (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - June 19, 2012

It's really too damn hot to think about NHL hockey right about now, even though Southern California is still basking in the glow (yet still bickering) about the newly crowned Stanley Cup champions. Trends are sacred things in Los Angeles so when lots of new fans came crawling out of the coffee  houses and hip eateries sporting LA Kings gear, the veteran fans were none too pleased. Somehow 40+ years of loyalty is supposed be acknowledged by both the team winning the Cup (thanks) and other non-fans bowing down to hardcore fans. Those folks with low hockey IQ shouldn't be enjoying the Kings success as much as the original fans.

That's not the kind of hockey IQ we're talking about in NHL 13, though. EA SPORTS' hockey franchise is refining that game to the point where you'll finally understand what Wayne Gretzky saw when he took the ice. At least, that's the implied promise of the hockey IQ feature we present to you now. Watch the trailer and all you LA Kings fans, please have your receipts for that hat/scarf/jersey ready for inspection.

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