NFL OTAs – Because Talking NFL in May is Good

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michael-garcia - May 25, 2012

It's only May, and right now there are still 104 days until the first NFL regular season game of 2012-13. So let's talk some NFL. Organized Team Activities, or OTAs, have been going on around the country for a few days now. We're getting to see Peyton Manning in Broncos gear, Tim Tebow in Jets gear, and what's left of the Saints back in action.

There's really nothing to report, Sports Illustrated's doom and gloom aside. It's only May, so what's the point of trying to break down who's going to start where, or if your favorite team will win that crucial week 5 matchup? (They won't.)

What we can do is take a look at some shots from the OTAs and keep hoping September gets here faster.

Article by Eric Gray