Through Four Games, NFL Kickers are Just Ridiculous

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michael-garcia - October 4, 2012

Time to give some guys who don't usually get their due some recognition. NFL kickers, in case you haven't noticed, have become long range snipers this year. Through the first four games, there are 13 guys who have kicked a FG from 51 yards. There are 11 who have hit from 53 or longer; four who have nailed 55 yarders or longer.

Three of these guys are rookies. Greg Zuerlein of the Rams, Blair Walsh of the Vikings, and Justin Tucker of the Ravens. Zuerlein hit a 58 yarder and 60 yarder in the same game. That's insane. 

It's time to give these guys their props, because they put on pads and helmets too. They're football players, dammit.

So get ready to click through easily the most exciting gallery of the NFL season. Kick it.

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