News Reporter Accidently Draws A Dong On Live TV

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bill-swift - July 26, 2013

A news reporter accidentally drew a big juicy dong on the screen on live TV. Was she trying to get fired? No. She was just trying to tell the good people of Saginaw, MI what construction to avoid. Siobhan Riley does the morning traffic report on ABC affiliate WJRT-TV. It's not her fault that all of the road construction has been set-up in the shape of a giant phallus and balls. Is some urban planner in Saginaw a giant perv? Are contracts being awarded to companies depending on size or girth? It's hard to say. You can tell part way through the video that she kind of thinks that her drawing is looking penis-like, but what can she do? NOT drawing it in its proper dong shape would not serve her viewer's needs. Who wants to get caught in a traffic jam between a nut fold and the shaft on a hot summer morning? Not me.

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