News Flash: Denver News Station Flashes Pic of Peen On Air (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - March 29, 2014

Folks who were watching Fox 31 in Denver were in for an unpleasant surprise as they tuned in to the network's news program. While reporting about a helicopter crash, the anchors decided to go through some producer's Twitter feed for God-knows-what reason. After a couple of random images, a big ol' pecker graces  the entirety of the screen.

The anchors were clearly aware at the sheer stupidity and magnanimity of their mistake, as they will forever be known as the douches news anchors who showed a peen on television. All because they didn't think twice about scrolling down someone's Twitter feed while broadcasting live.

Check out the clip to see what went down (obviously it's NSFW) and the anchors' reactions when they realize the sheer stupidity of what they did.

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